The history of our nursery

Kostelenos Nurseries

The nursery has its roots in the early 1920's when the family settled in the province of Trizinia / Greece and started to work with olives, citrus and other fruit crops.

After the World War II and even more so since the early 1960s, the focus of our agricultural production shifted from the fruit tree crops to the cultivation of flowers, in particular the propagation and cultivation of carnations.

At the end of the 1970s, the cultivation of flowers was reduced, and production concentrated exclusively on the production of carnation cuttings and other flowering plants cuttings.

Since the early 90's and with the return of the agronomist George Kostelenos from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the systematic research of olive varieties and their propagation with leaf cuttings in mist and tissue culture began.

Today the nursery extends in our owned facilities of ten hectares in the province of Trizinia/Greece, which include modern greenhouses, shade houses, outdoor production facilities, fruit variety collections, offices, and laboratories.

Finally, George Kostelenos Nurseries is considered a world reference point for Greek olive varieties, having the largest and most complete collection of Greek olive varieties and genotypes.


Human Resources

Human Resources - G. Kostelenos Nurseries

The modern propagating techniques are highly specialized activities that require not only modern facilities but also knowledge and skills.

Our nurseries employ a highly skilled workforce with many years and even decades of experience.

The head team are the agronomists: George Kostelenos, Evangelia Vlassaki, Dimitrios Kostellenos and Konstantinos Kostellenos, all specializing in plant propagation, modern cultivation techniques and after sale technical support of all customers - growers.

International presence & export countries

  • Portugal
  • Cyprus
  • Germany
  • USA
  • Madagascar
  • Albania
  • Georgia
  • Egypt
  • Spain
  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Taiwan
  • China
  • Pakistan
  • Iran
  • Indonesia
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
Kostelenos Nurseries